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  President – Toby Kravet – 808-224-1065
  Vice President - Anita Hodges
  Treasurer - Jonathan Carr
  Secretary - Stewart Taggart
  Michiro Iwanaga
  Alan Teramura
  Caroline Sluyter
  Mike Tsutsui
  Karl See
  Nelson Dang

  Newsletter Editor
  Toby Kravet

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Every Monday evening (except on holidays and, of course, during Hawaii Ski Week), at 4:30 PM, a group of ski club members and their friends play tennis at Keehi Lagoon Courts, off  Lagoon Drive.  Stay in shape and enjoy a "careful social hour" afterwards.

April 29 (Friday), 4:00 PM,  Pau Hana at Two Tides Bar, Ward Center (see below).

May 5 (Thursday), 5:30 PM,  General Membership Meeting at Mangiamo by 604.  Please try to get there at 5:00 PM or shortly thereafter so you can get "situated" before we begin our business at 5:30 and conclude before the music begins at 6:00 PM.

July 7 (Thursday), General Membership Meeting/cookout fare provided by the Club at Rainbow Bay Marina, Pearl Harbor.  Stay tuned for more details.


First, (Trumpets Please!), results of the Annual Board Elections at the April General Membership Meeting:  I am your president again for the next 12 months, Stewart Taggart has been elected to serve a two year term on the Board, and Nelson Dang, Mike Tsutsui, Karl See, and Caroline Sluyter have been re-elected for new two year terms. The terms of unmentioned Directors expire next year.  Second, at our Annual Board Dinner Meeting on April 14, Anita Hodges was elected as Vice President, Stewart Taggart was elected by the Board to serve as Secretary, and Jonathan Carr was re-elected to serve as Treasurer.  We bid adieu to Geof Chu who has served on the Board for a number of years, most recently as Vice President, before that as Treasurer, before Treasurer as President, and he may have chaired the Trip Committee at one time, but I'm not sure.  He will continue to help us out as a "Pau Hana Location Consultant" and chef, when he can, at cookout type events.   Chairs of our standing committees will remain intact from last year, and Karl See is joining the Trip Committee to help Alan in planning some of the activities on our trips.  Third, I would like to welcome Ken Bray, Susan Lee, Craig Mitchell and Brett and Gail Shadix (all the way from Alabama) to the Club:  Maybe we'll get to meet you all at Big Sky.  I don't think we've had any members before who live east of Utah, but I could be wrong.   Fourth, talking about east of Utah, I received an email a couple of weeks ago from Big Island resident Susan Law whom some of you may have met at Snowmass:  She was emailing me from her ski trip to Zermatt.  Jealous?  And talking about skiing, Mammoth just got a foot of new snow and is expecting to stay open until Memorial Day. Back to home, as you can see, while we still aren't completely "out of the woods" with respect to the pandemic, relaxed regulations have permitted us to plan a pau hana for this coming Friday at the Two Tides Bar, Ward Center and a cookout at Rainbow Bay Marina for our General Membership Meeting on July 7.  Prior to the pandemic, thanks to our members with military connections, most recently Bill and Anita Hodges, Rainbow Bay Marina was our "Go-To Location" for our membership Kick-Off Meeting every October, so this will be kind of a kick-off  to our getting back to social activities."  It also helps us spend some of the excess money we accumulated during the "restriction phase" of the pandemic when we were sort of "dead in the water." Hope to see you at Two Tides this coming Friday. 




April 29 (Friday) 4:00 PM - ?

Please join us for the first ski club Friday pau hana since the end of COVID restrictions. Two Tides Bar,  388 Kamakee Street, is on the top floor of the Whole Foods Store in the Ward Center area. Parking is free in the Whole Foods parking structure. Happy Hour is 4-6 PM. We had a fun pau hana at Two Tides  Bar before Covid closed everything, so let’s have a relaxing time catching up with old friends.  If you wish  more info, please check out the Two Tides Bar website.


May 5 (Thursday) 5 PM

We're back to Mangiamo on May 5 for our May General Membership Meeting and, although the meeting, itself, won't begin until 5:30 PM, we'd like you to get there a bit earlier so you can get situated and order your food and drink.  Hopefully, this month, we won't have the confusion that prevailed last month in terms of the staff seating us before the start of the actual meeting.  We have specifically requested 5 PM seating.   If you haven't yet been to Mangiamo, it is opposite the airport, off of Valkenburgh Street which runs between Nimitz Highway (under the viaduct) and Radford Drive.  It is on the second floor of the golf course's club house. See you there.




From the Hawaii Ski Club Board of Directors:

In past years a few members booked their own accommodations to Ski Club trips, but that number has recently been increasing. Of those who registered last year for Aspen Snowmass, 20% booked their own rooms. The HSC Board has recently become concerned about the financial implications of this trend. The HSC is a nonprofit organization whose only source of income is through membership fees. Therefore club sponsored ski trips need to be self-supporting. When booking through the club travel agency, a portion of the commission earned by the travel agency is returned to the club and used to subsidize our trip expenses. The Welcome Reception, Farewell Dinner, name tags, informational fliers, streamers, prizes, etc. are all funded by this means. For example, participants at the Farewell Dinner last year paid $30 each (after a $20 rebate), but the actual costs including room rental, food, service charges, tip, taxes and fees totaled $100 per person. Those who book their own accommodations may be saving themselves some money but aren't contributing to any of these other trip costs, which is both unfair to the rest of the ski trip participants and unsustainable in the future. Therefore, the HSC Board has been discussing options and policies to address these issues so that our club sponsored trips are the highlight of your ski season. We plan to have a policy in place for the Big Sky ski trip.

From the Trip Committee:

Here is a brief update on our January 2023 ski trip to Big Sky, Montana. Shortly after our vote in March, the Trip Committee requested bids for January 2023, and we discovered that we were not the only ski group trying to make early reservations and costs have risen substantially since the last time we skied Big Sky in 2020. This year Schewe Travel will facilitate the ski trip since the hotel bids from Schewe Travel and were identical.

This is what we discovered: First, there were not enough rooms available to accommodate our HSC group during the last week in January when we typically schedule Hawaii Ski Week, so our trip is scheduled for January 14-21, 2023, the week including the MLK holiday. Second, since our group enjoyed staying at the Summit Hotel two years ago, we specifically requested bids to include it. In 2020, the Summit Hotel room rate was $139 per person per night which included breakfast. The bids for January 2023 came in at $433 per person per night without breakfast, which was more than 3 times the 2020 cost and without breakfast!! If we stayed at the Summit, the total cost for the ski trip will be over $4,500 per person which may exclude many ski club members.

Therefore, the Trip Committee has decided to go with our alternative location, the newly renovated and more reasonably-priced Huntley Lodge where our club has stayed twice previously and the location of our 2020 Farewell Dinner. We have reserved 18 double-occupancy rooms for as little as $195 per person per night. The Huntley Lodge is not slope side, but it is less than a 5-minute walk to the slopes and is in the heart of the Village Center where many restaurants, ski shops, and grocery stores are located. Seven nights lodging including full breakfast, taxes and fees are $1,362 per person double occupancy for 9 Village-View rooms and $1448 for 9 Mountain-View rooms. We have also reserved two 2-bedroom Big Horn condos for $959 per person quad occupancy for the week, breakfast not included. Round trip group airfare on Alaska Air is $707. At this time the trip committee does not have lift ticket, airport shuttle, or Farewell Dinner prices, so we estimated $760 per person for these. The total trip estimated cost is $2,829 per person double occupancy at the Huntley Lodge Village View rooms and $2,426 per person quad occupancy for the Big Horn condos for 7 nights lodging, Welcome Reception, roundtrip airfare, roundtrip airport shuttle, 5-days senior lift tickets and Farewell Dinner. These prices may vary depending on the actual prices of the items mentioned above.

Please note that currently we have only 18 double-occupancy hotel rooms and 2 quad occupancy condos reserved at these prices. If demand exceeds this then we will add additional accommodations at the prevailing rate. If you want to lock in these low rates, please make a deposit before July 1, 2022. There is no cancellation fee if you decide to cancel early and your room can be reassigned by November 30, 2022. Due to the terms set forth by Big Sky Group Sales, any units not reserved by July 1, 2022, will be canceled to avoid incurring penalties. Room rates for any reservations made after July 1, 2022 will be subject to availability and prevailing pricing.

The reservation form is available on our website, .  Click on "Trips" in the left hand column of our opening page.


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