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Every Monday evening (except on holidays and, of course, during Hawaii Ski Week), at 4:30 P.M., a group of ski club members and their friends play tennis at Keehi Lagoon Courts, off  Lagoon Drive.  Stay in shape and enjoy a "careful social hour" afterwards.

January 6 (Thursday) 5:00 PM  Pre-Trip Meeting at Mangiamo by 604.  Note that we will be starting the meeting as soon as we can get everyone seated.  (See below for more details)

January 21 (Friday) Off to Aspen-Snowmass.  YAY!

March 3 (Thursday) 5:00 PM (Meeting at 5:30 PM) General Membership Meeting, our first of 2022, at Mangiamo by 604. 


To those of you who had signed up for the Japan trip in February, although I, myself, was not going, I share your disappointment in the cancellation.  For those of you who had not signed up and, therefore, were not already informed, Hawaiian Airlines, our carrier for the trip, cancelled all flights to Sapporo for the time period of the trip, and another carrier, at a reasonable price, could not be found.  Also, there was no indication that Japan, already closed to foreign travellers, would be opening up by February.  While unfortunate, in light of the new worldwide wave of infections from the Omicron variant, it is not surprising.  This is now the second season in a row that our Trip Committee's hard work, as well as that of Schewe Travel (whose principals, Linda and Ron, are members of the Club)  has gone to naught with regard to skiing in Japan, not to mention the cancellation of last year's planned summer trip to ski New Zealand which we had booked through Schewe. 

On a more positive, note, come hell or high water (not the frozen kine--which we want), we ARE going to Aspen Snowmass a short month from now, the mountains are finally starting to get some snow, and Snowmass is expecting 6" today (I looked).   The Pre-Trip (Party) Meeting, is to be held just two weeks and a day from now at Mangiamo, our new home for General Membership Meetings, and this is in lieu of a General Membership Meeting which had been scheduled for that date. While we had hoped we could hold a Pre-Trip meeting in a separate location, as we have done in the past,  holding it at Mangiamo was more prudent under current circumstances.   See the announcement below for details. 

Immediately following the ski season (unless your season includes spring skiing), several of our current Board of Directors' terms will be up, and we are looking for "a few good men" and women as their replacements.   Being a Board Member requires attending a (approximately) 1.25 hour meeting, currently held via Zoom, every month, a bit more time if you take on additional duties such as being as officer (Secretary, for example) or chair/join a Committee (Trip Committee, for example). Maybe you have been enjoying our trips and activities for several years, have a little time and energy to spare, and would like to give back.  The payoff is the opportunity to guide the direction of the club, the satisfaction of making a contribution, maybe the chance to exercise some of your skills and abilities that aren't otherwise used, and a nice dinner at the end of the year.  Maybe you have enjoyed our trips and activities in the past, have some time and would like to give back.  Interested?  Contact jonathan, jonathan@hawaiisnowskiclub.com , or talk to him during the Aspen Snowmass trip.

Finally, but as equally important, I'd like to welcome new members, Dorothy Mack, Erin Battles, Dylan Battles, Ward Paige, and Philip Shaw.   Hope to see you on the slopes, at future General Membership Meetings, and maybe at some of our activities once we get the pandemic behind us. 

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, have fun, and stay safe this holiday season and beyond. 



( Aspen-Snowmass)
January 6  (Thursday) 5 PM

If you are going on our annual Hawaii Ski Week trip, this year to Aspen-Snowmass, come to Mangiamo on January 6 for information on the trip.  Although all Ski Club members are invited to the meeting to socialize once materials are distributed and the announcements are finished, all of the "business" will involve the trip.  January 6, was initially going to be a General Membership Meeting, but plans had to change. We want to start the meeting as close as possible to 5 PM so that we have enough time to conduct our "business" before the music starts.  Don't come too early, though, because they don't open the doors until 5:00 PM.  Proof of vaccination or negative test within the last 24 hours is required to get into the restaurant and a mask is to be worn while not eating or drinking.  If you are going on the trip but are unable to make this meeting, please contact alan, alan@hawaiisnowskiclub.com .  If you haven't yet been to Mangiamo, it is opposite the airport, off of Valkenburgh Street which runs between Nimitz Highway (under the viaduct) and Radford Drive.  It is on the second floor of the golf course's club house. 


March 3 (Thursday) 5 PM (Meeting at 5:30)

Come to our first General Membership Meeting of the new year with stories of you skiing adventures.   The formal meeting will start at 5:30, but you can come in any time after 5:00 PM when they open their doors.  Remember to bring your vaccination card or evidence of a negative COVID test in order to be seated.  

NATIONAL NEWS (courtesy of the Far West Ski Association):


 Resorts are beginning to open across the U.S. and Canada. After a year+ of Covd-19 rules and regulations, here are some things to consider for the coming season. Most U.S. ski destinations — including the big resorts in Colorado, Utah, Oregon, and California — are doing away with, or easing last year’s capacity limits on the slopes, mask requirements in lift lines and spacing between skiers on lifts. But there are also some new COVID-19 vaccination requirements, that people need to remain aware of. You don’t want to be surprised by a ski experience that’s too strict or too lax on COVID-19 safety measures for your liking: You may need to show proof of vaccination for some activities. Mask rules are likely to apply indoors only. You’re less likely to need as many on-mountain reservations, however, for lodging…BOOK EARLY!. Booking early will pay off, especially when it comes to the cost of lodging. Lastly, if you can be flexible, avoid the weekends. Not only do they bring the most crowds, but lift tickets tend to be at their priciest.



Update on Aspen Snowmass January 21-29, 2022

The Aspen Snowmass ski trip is completely sold out with 49 Hawaii Ski Club members registered for the trip.  November 18 was the deadline to make final payment to Ski.com.  If you hadn’t already done so, make sure that you also paid for the Farewell Dinner on Friday, January 29. We are planning to have a Welcome Party on Saturday January 22; daily meeting locations on-mountain each day; apres-ski meeting locations each night; a day trip to Buttermilk Mountain; and the Farewell Dinner, where we vote for next year’s ski destination and announce our annual ski trip awards.  Aspen Snowmass also will be offering its award winning Women’s Ski Clinic during the week we are there, so let me know if you want more information about this. If you missed the ski trip registration deadline and still are interested in going to Aspen Snowmass with us, contact me for options at alan@hawaiisnowskiclub.com



Facebook is the best way to keep current on the Hawaii Ski Club. On your Facebook page on your computer, type "Hawaii Ski Club" into the search box on the top left. On your mobile device, tap the magnifying glass at the top to get the search box.  Pictures from Ski Club activities and other items are posted as they are submitted.  You can submit your own Ski Club pictures and other items you wish posted by emailing them to anita@hawaiisnowskiclub.com


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