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Aloha everyone!

General Meeting July 1st - We had a good meeting in the upstairs meeting room at Fort Street Bar & Grill. Unfortunately, there were fewer in attendance (15) than in June (22) so some of us had to stay late and drink more to meet the $300 minimum tab. We had sign up sheets for Big Horn Condos, Diamond Head Winery Pau Hanas, and Perseid Stargazing. The lists and attendance will be reported below. Because of the high minimum, the board has looked elsewhere for General Meeting venues. Geof Chu did the legwork and we will shift venues beginning with the September 2nd meeting. August 5th meeting will be at Fort Street Bar & Grill, but September meeting will be at Ward Center Yum Yum Tree - our old stomping ground. Then, the October 7th "Annual Kickoff Meeting" will be at the Elk's Club.


July 4th Picnic

- Many thanks to Jim and Vel Kelly for coordinating the event, reserving the space, and setting everything up. About two dozen of us enjoyed the food, fun, and fanfare of celebrating the birth of our Nation. The 25TH ID(L) Orchestra, artillery, and fireworks were the frosting on the cake. God bless America!

Diamond Head Winery Pau Hana

- We intended to have a two Pau Hanas (16th and 23rd), but interest was not sufficient to justify the second one. Anyway, 13 of us tasted the fruit of the vine, cleansed our palates with cheese and crackers, and knoshed on some tasty pupus prepared by Wandi. We learned the process for making our own wine, signed up to make some, and bottled and labeled some to take home. It was a fun experience. Thanks for arranging it, Wandi.

Blue Moon Hike at Makapuu

- About 18 of us enjoyed a nice hike to Makapuu Point Lighthouse on July 31st to watch the Full Moon rise. We were the largest identifiable group there; those wearing club shirts received a prize. Although the Sierra Club had about twice our number for their organized hike, we still stood out from the crowd. We had a nice time talking and eating and waiting for moonrise. It didn't disappoint; it rose in the East just like clockwork.

Hope to see a big turnout at Thursday's meeting. Until then...Aloha!



Ski Trip 2005

At the July meeting, there was keen interest in signing up. Those in attendance (some acting as agents for their friends) TENTATIVELY blocked out rooms per the following preferences:

Condo #1
Queen Room - Amy/Brodie
Twin Room - Geof/Craig
Twin Room - Toby/Dennis
Condo #2
Queen Room - Laurie/Wandi
Twin Room - Wanda/Myra
Twin Room - Carol/Jo
Condo #3
Queen Room - Kathy/Roger
Queen Room - Fergie/Paul
Twin Room - Jim Takara/Ross
Condo #4
Queen Room - Gary/Amy
Queen Room - Lynn/Duane
Twin Room - Guy/TBD
Condo #5
Queen Room - TBD/TBD
Queen Room - Art Dunn
Twin Room - Gordon/Norman
Condo #6
Queen Room - TBD/TBD
Queen Room - TBD/TBD
Twin Room - Darrell/TBD
We have some leads on other couples who might use the queen rooms, as well as singles, so it looks like we may fill all beds.
Payment Schedule: 4 easy payments.
Due August 15th - $337.00
Due September 15th - $337.00
Due October 15th - $337.00
Due November 15th - $334.00
Or you can pay lump sum $1,345.00
Checks payable to: Sportours
But mail to: Michael Cloe 1585 Kapiolani Blvd Ste 1600
Honolulu, HI 96814

Questions: Michael Cloe @ 942-7883 or e-mail Michael.C.Cloe@aexp.com

Perseid Meteor Shower Stargazing

We've reserved a 22-bed cabin @ $240. A dozen or so have signed up/expressed interest in going. We'll firm up the numbers at the Thursday meeting.

Big Horn Condos

The web site has a lot of great information on our condo where we will be staying during our ski trip to Big Sky, Montana.

Upcoming Events

Every Monday - TENNIS AT KEEHI LAGOON @ 4:30 p.m.
Every Tuesday-JAZZ AT THE MUSICIANS' UNION @ 8 p.m.
What are you doing Tuesday nights now that American Idol has ended? Why not join us for jazz at Studio 6? Every Tuesday, starting at 8 p.m., jazz plays at Musicians' Union Bldg, 949 Kapiolani Blvd. Parking and entry is from Waimanu St. at the back.
The cost is only $7 for a couple hours of great music. Bring your own beverage. Very informal. For more info, call or email Wanda.


- Thursday August 5th @ 6 p.m. at Fort Street Bar & Grill

PERSEID METEOR SHOWER STARGAZING - Camp Mokuleia Saturday, August 14
Camp out with us to watch the Perseid meteor shower!

BOARD OF DIRECTORS MEETING - Geof Chu's Place Thursday, August 19th @ 6:30 p.m.

- Nick's Fishmarket Friday, August 20th @ 5:30 p.m.

Nicks Fishmarket, located in the Waikiki Gateway Hotel at

2070 Kalakaua Avenue (955-6333), offers a fantastic 50% off their entire pupu menu from 5:30pm to 8:30pm every night in The Genesis Lounge. Selections on their 14-item menu include clam chowder (served with sourdough bread), oysters Rockefeller, fried calamari, pan seared ahi, garlic scampi, as well as 3 kinds of salads. Their banana split martini is incredible if you enjoy drinking your dessert. For those of you who do not enjoy beverages of the intoxicating kind, please join us anyway at these pau hanas. Come for the delicious food at great bargain prices and for the fabulous company! (The valet parking is free with validation.)


Ride the wave of the Future on the SEGWAY Human Transporter. Experience the self-balancing, self-propelled electric SEGWAY gliding the sidewalks and pathways of Waikiki. It is fun, easy and exciting. You will love it! The tentative date and time are Saturday, August 21 at 2:00 p.m.. This activity will be limited to 14 people. Only cash in advance can assure that you will have a SEGWAY reserved for you. The cost is $30 per hour if we use all 14 Segways. Reservations can be made at the August meeting. You won't be disappointed!!! Questions? Call Vel Kelly.

MOONLIGHT PICNIC - Hanauma Bay Saturday, August 28
Hanauma Bay will be open from 6 a.m. until 10 p.m. on Saturday. The normal $5 entry fee will be waived for Hawaii residents showing proof of residency with a current photo ID. There is a $1 parking fee but by 4:30 p.m.- 5 p.m. the parking lot attendants go home and the parking is free. Viewing a 9- minute orientation film on safety and preservation efforts at the bay is required before entering the beach. There is a shuttle bus that will take visitors down (50 cents) and back up ($1) for those who dont want to get their legs in shape for the upcoming ski trip. It will run until 9:30 p.m., when visitors are encouraged to start clearing the beach. Snorkels can be rented for $6 and headlights, $10. Hanauma Bay is extremely crowded during the weekend, especially during the hours of 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. If no parking spaces are available, the security guards close access to the park and no drop off will be allowed either. However, by late afternoon, the crowds disappear and there should be no problem fin
P.S. No alcohol is allowed in this park!
- Thursday September 2nd @ 6 p.m. at Yum Yum Tree Ward Center.
- Indigo/Aloha Festivals Hoolaulea on Friday, September 10th @ 5:30 p.m.
- Saturday, September 25th 8:30 a.m. 11 a.m.
We will be joining the Hawaiian Humane Societys Paws on the Path hiking club for this event. This is a great opportunity to finally include the furry member of your family (and we dont mean your husband) on our club outing. For more details about this hike, go to the following web site.

(This will be a Club Shirt Event.)


Any certified scuba divers in the club, Michael Cloe is looking to put together a dive trip, but needs to know how many divers we have. If you're not certified, but always wanted to experience diving, let me know also.
Contact Michael Cloe at 942-7883 (work number)
Due to rising costs, we unfortunately need to raise the prices of our club shirts. The new prices are $2 higher. It will now cost $14 for club T-shirts, polo shirts, and womens shirts. Long sleeve T-shirts and sweatshirts will cost $16. On a brighter note, to encourage our members to wear their club shirts to help promote the club, on certain announced Club Shirt Days we will be giving tokens of appreciation to members who are wearing their shirts on these days.

New item: A 100% cotton jersey polo shirt is now being offered for those who prefer cotton to polyester/cotton. Its possible to have only the small club logo printed on the front of the shirt without the large logo on the back for those who would like to wear these collared shirts to work. Sample shirts will be available to try on to help determine size when ordering. Please contact Wandi to place your order.


From the Editor
Thanks for the many inputs for this newsletter.
Again, if you have inputs to the newsletter, please forward to me by the third week of the month.

Paul "Mr. Fergie" Ferguson


Updated club info available at 545-Snow  


Updated club info available at 545-Snow

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