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Pau Hana Friday 2/20 5:30 Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lu= nch and Crab

Time to Start Thinking of New Activities

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Message From the Editor
Normally we have a message from the President here but he just got back from skiing so we are giving him a break this month. I haven't heard about any unfortunate meetings between club members and terrain s o it sounds like the trip was a success. I look forward to hearing all about it at the post-ski trip party. Well mostly, part of me is bitter and envious but I promise to leave that part home. Anyhow, I think I speak for a lot of the club in thanking Amy for all the hard work she did toward making this possible.

Well, I think it's safe to say that a good time was had by all!!!!!!!! I will always report a good ski vacation if we all come home still standing without the use of assistive devices!
I think everyone enjoyed the choices of mountains and their varied terrain. Though we only received fresh snow on our first day, we had plenty of packed powder and sunshine! Everyone seemed to also enjoy Crestwood's ski in/out, the hot tub and pool but not too keen on the fact that we had to shuttle to the village for shopping and dining. Crestwood, however, made it quite tolerable as their private chariot was awaiting at our beck and call. Thanks to everyone for making the trip so enjoyable and for tolerating the "group camping" as I know the ideal arrangements that one hopes for are not always attainable with large groups. The tentative daily schedule that was set up for meeting pre-ski, lunch and apres ski, seemed to make it easy for folks to connect with one another despite the options of 4 mountains to ch oose from. I believe this should be set up for all future ski trips as well.

Some of the comical and memorable events that occurred:
1. Toby Kravit is the only skier I know that can live on only 5 hours of sleep over 72 hours and still charge a double black at Aspen Highlands! Go Toby!
2. Toby also had to buy a few rounds at apres skiing for not lining up correctly at the lifts. I think he just wanted to stretch out on the chair by himself or pick up a Snow Bunny or Snow Hare as the case may be as it was Gay Ski Week!!!!
3. Lori Auhll should take first place in Extreme Energy...she was always ready to go at 0800! After skiing with the "Magnificent Four", she's found a new love for those double black challenges! She's also discovered her new found drink "Tuwaka" (sp?) and in her words..."a smooth Italian Southern Comfort". Thanks to Suzi Greenleaf for the recommendation!
4. Wanda Sowell should receive a reward for the tallest person sleeping in the smallest bed. She must choose a longer straw next time!
5. Bill Hodges had to buy a round at apres skiing for answering a cell phone WHILE skiing down a steep run. At least it wasn't me this time!
6. Steve Spielman who once again won a Gold Medal on the Nastar course....but had to first "take out" the course when crossing the finish line. I think he was just trying to buy more time to study the course.
7. Geoff Chu and Craig Shaffer who boarded like champions despite a fractured rib and sprained ankle. Maybe it was Dennis Nakaoka who pus= hed them down the slopes. You go boys!
8. Nastar Winners: Gold: Steve Spielman, Lori Auhll. Silver: Amy Bosich, Jackie Loui, Bill Hodges, Gary Sanada. Bronze: Amy Sanada, Terry Krutzler, Guy Cabral, Darrell Large, Wanda Sowell, and Toby Kra vit. A Honorary Bronze was given to Jo Yee for shaving time off her second run only to have the clock malfunction. Many Kudos also go to Geoff, Craig and Dennis who "boarded" the Nastar run....after some persuasion.

A unofficial vote was taken for Ski Trip 2005 and it looks like Vail is by far the leader! It's hard to believe that many of us will have to wait another year until we hit the slopes again :< Voting will continue over the next few months and planning will start early this summer for 2005!

One last note: I just want to thank each and every one of you for all of your patience and understanding with all of the many details that go in to making our ski trips possible and pleasant for all. As I'v e managed not to make any enemies (I think) over the planning of Stea mboat, Big White and Snowmass, I think it's best that I turn over my reign to a willing volunteer for next year's trip. I do believe we have an "unofficial" volunteer in which I am deeply grateful. However, until this is confirmed, we are more than happy to accept any other volunteers for this task. THANKS VERY MUCH EVERYONE!!!

Post Ski Party
CALLING ALL MEMBERS, please join us at the post ski party this Saturday 2/7, 5:30 at Wanda Sowell's house.
Potluck, BYOB and grill available. We'll share our noble and embarrassing photos and stories with all!

Pau Hana Friday 2/20 5:30 Sam Choy's Breakfast, Lunch and Crab
New Location this month. For those of you who haven't been out there just head out Nimitz Highway and it is a little West (Ewa for those of you who have never lived on the mainland where people use terms like East and West) of downtown. I've never gone there for drinks but they make a mean breakfast so I am looking forward to it. Hope to see you there.

Time to Start Thinking of New Activities
Between the Holidays and the ski trip we haven't had as many activities so I think it is time to get back in the swing of things. But we need ideas. So think of something that it would be fun for the club to do and either e-mail a board member or mention it to one of us at the Post-Ski party or the Pau Hana.

Board of Directors
President: Dave Broederdorf
Secretary: Craig Shaffer
Treasurer Wanda Sowell
Bill Rothe
Amy Bosich
Omer Poirier
Chris & Marilyn Harris
Michelle Hebert
Honey Ruppel

Activities Hot line 545-SNOW

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