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April Events

Apr 3 (Thurs)Board Meeting- Yum Yum Tree 6pm
Apr 3-(Thurs)General Meeting- Yum Yum Tree 6:30 pm
Apr 11-(Fri) Pau Hana- La Mariana 6pm Apr 25-(Fri) Imax outing- 7pm

President's Message

Wow, it's April already!! I'm glad I survived March. Mardi Gras and St. Patrick's Day made it a full month of fun. But there is still time for a last skiing fix before it all melts. I will let you all know how it was in Whistler at the May meeting before the final vote.

Speaking of Vote, the board election is at the April meeting.It's not too late to serve on the board, just volunteer at the meeting. I'll see you get elected with out any "hanging chads." Oh yes, full disclosure, the board members get a hail and thank you dinner compliments of the club. Now that's an incentive right?

Where are we going skiing next year? Please come to the next meetings and lobby for your choice. Final vote will be May, but I want you all to have time to influence the club and make your concerns known. I know I'll lobby for my choice, will you ? So where will it be ? Snowmass, Vail, and Whistler are the front runners. After the vote, I will cede to the majority and not complain. What's to complain about? I'll be up in the mountains, skiing with friends and not at work. That's all good in my book.

One definition of crazy is: doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. This is how some members of the board and I have come to view the turnout at the "general meeting". We are looking at some adjustments to make these meetings more attractive and functional. For examples: the board is considering having our meeting just before the general meeting to make us more accessible to the members. Maybe move the focus of the general meeting more to a social event and much less business. This change in focus for the general meeting could allow us to experiment and move the location occasionally to other places, including members homes. The day could be moved to Friday if that is more convenient. Themes for the meetings are wide open. Some of the first proposals for a theme were: a wine and cheese night, a Game night, a chilli cook off, pizza and ski movies, mini golf in someone's yard or croquet. Please give this some thought, feel welcome to e-mail your suggestions to me or any board member. It's our club, let's make it more enjoyable. For the next couple months, I'll see you at the Yum Yum.


Ski Trip 2004!

Yes the plans have begun to determine date and cost for our 3 choices: Vail, Snowmass and Whistler. Your "Final Answer" will be determined at our upcoming MAY 1st general meeting when our official final vote will be taken. If you are unable to make the general meeting, please call our HOT LINE at 545-SNOW and leave your vote via message. DEADLINE FOR YOUR INTEREST WILL BE THURSDAY MAY 1st! Your vote does count, so please take the time to make one!

We Still Need Another Board Member:

We need one more ski club member to sit on Board of Directors. In order for this ski club to continue and be successful, it is important to get as much input as possible into important decisions like ski trip accommodations, where to drink on the second Friday of the month and what new activities we can schedule.

Christmas in April:

Due to limited organization and State economic restrictions, the club will unfortunately not be participating in this community event this year. Many, many thanks go out to all of you who volunteered your blood, sweat and tears to help families in need. And much thanks goes out to our event organizer, Anita Hodges, for all of her years of making this event memorable. If any of you have another idea for a community service, please let a board member know.

Upcoming Events:

General Meeting- April 3 6:30 pm- YUM YUM TREE

If you are interested in where next year's ski trip will be, why not attend the April general meeting. We are starting to discuss next year's trip and we want to get as much input as possible.

Pau Hana-La Mariana Friday 4/11 5:30 pm 50 Sand Island Access Rd 848-2800

Please join us on Friday April 11th at 5:30 pm at La Mariana restaurant where the Tahitian setting and warm harbor breezes promote relaxation and mingling. I've heard that Friday evenings can be filled with songs from the Piano Man who encourages everyone to sing a long. This has been a favorite venue for many of our Pau Hana's. Hope to see you there.

IMAX Movie Outing- "Ghosts of the Abyss" Friday 4/25,7pm

Join us for another IMAX Theatre presentation, "Ghosts of the Abyss". A Walt Disney production and a James Cameron Film.A 3-D immersive historic adventure that takes you on a voyage 2 1/2 miles below the surface of the ocean. Meet at Kelley O'Neil's on Lewers Street between 5:30 and 6:30. Show starts at 7 pm. Dinner to follow. Please RSVP to Amy or call our hotline at 545-SNOW.

California Wine Country River Cruise-November 2003

Anyone interested in traveling aboard the102 passenger Spirit of Endeavour? Explore century-old caverns, stacked high with vintage champagne...sip fine sparkling wine on the terrace of a French-inspired chateau or tour a mountainside vineyard by tractor-pulled tram. This wine country cruise, sponsored by Cruise West, will visit distinctive estates and enjoy special events, tastings and meals unavailable to the general public. Meet local wine experts both on board ship and ashore and get to know a true "insider's" Wine Country. 4 days 3 nights round trip cruise tour from San Francisco (air fare not included). November 7th. $ 649 pp but group discount may apply. If we have enough interest, we will organize this as a club event. If not, individuals may travel on their own. For more information call Amy or Lynda Bell at Regal Travel at 733-6112.

In case you Missed it: St. Patrick's Day!

Well, the usual green leprechauns were in full dress and glory on St Patty's day. Dave Broederdorf (gee I didn't know Broderdorf was Irish!) was in full costume (thanks to our club costume designer, Lee Cataldi) and rode his green motorcycle in the Parade. Evidently many saw him on the evening news. When the parade finished near Kap park, many of the leprechauns worked their way over to the Elk's club where Irish Jigs were plentiful. Later in the evening, many could be seen wandering the streets of the Nuuanu block party. Amy and Wendy with their green feather boas...and Honey in costume paying visits to such patrons as Murphy's and Kelley O'Neil's. Toby Kravit was witnessed engulfing an "Irish quesadilla" from Compadres filled with corned beef, kraut and cheese! Good fun had by all!

Cosmic Bowling

What can you say. It was... Cosmic. We had 15 people bowling. We bowled 3 games each with the lights coming on half-way through the third game. The predictable comments were made about people looking better in the dark. (Shows the subtle nuance that the boy wonder was famous for on the old Batman series). For those who haven't tried cosmic bowling the lighting is pretty unusual. As an example, the black bowling ball I was using looked light green. All in all it was a good time, very non-competitive (except for a side competition between Dave and Amy- he won two out of three games)


Thanks to Amy we have descriptions of a couple of March events. However we can't make her go to every event. (Really, I checked, it's against the law) So at the risk of nagging: if you go to an event and have a good time, drop me an email so we can share your thoughts with the rest of the club


Don't be the last person to get your Hawaii Ski Association T-shirt. Talk to a board member at the general meeting or look on the web-site.

La Mariana Pau Hana
Comedy Show
Brunch on the Beach
IMAX theatre

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