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February Events

Feb 13 (Thurs)General Meeting- Yun Yum Tree 6pm
Feb 16 (Sun) Botanical Garden Tour 10am
Feb 20 (Thurs) Board Meeting- Waikiki Yacht Club 6pm
Feb 22 (Sun) Post-Ski Trip Party- Wanda's 6pm

President's Message

This is another fun job for the President I get to write something to all of
you in the club. For a past wannabee journalist this is a treat. Let's see what I can come up with this month. I've been considering ways to improve the turnout for our monthly meetings. What do you club members suggest to make our meetings more attractive? I'm open to ideas from anyone. One idea has been to schedule activities after the meetings. Any suggestions
for that?

Policy decision: The board wants to move to e-mail for all newsletters. Please contact Bill Rothe ( if you have any e-mail address changes in the future. The time and costs of paper copies uses (wastes?) about half a members dues. If you have e-mail please do the club a favor and make your e-address available. You will not get additional Spam because of this.

I wish more of you were coming on the trip to Big White. Start planning today to come on next years trip. You'll be the ones telling the great stories of all the fun you had on the ski trip. I want to acknowledge the board members, our trip coordinator Amy Bosich, and Obie Olsen for all their
efforts to organize this adventure to Big White. Personally, I'm looking
forward to the big decisions. I'll have to make on the trip like: Boarding or skiing today? Red wine or dark beer tonight?
Bus ride or helicopter to Silver Star? Then on Feb. 8th: Get on the bus or NOT 'eh ???
See ya' at the Yum Yum (FEB. 13th), Dave B

Upcoming Events:

Big White Ski Trip-

Our sincere condolences go out to each of you who cannot join us on the slopes of Big White!!!! We?ll be happy to tell you all about it and share our photos at our post Ski trip party at Wanda Sowell's home on Saturday,
2/22 at 6pm. (see accompanying details)

General Meeting- Feb 13 6pm- YUM YUM TREE

Note- This month the meeting is on the Second Thursday because lots of happy ski club members will still be skiing. We are going to start talking about where to go next year so get to the meeting and give us your input

Botanical Garden Tour
Sunday February 16 10:00 am
45680 Luluku, Kaneohe.

Come join us for a beautiful walking tour of the Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden in Kaneohe. A 400 acre park with over 10,000 species of plants from all over the world. Gardens also have catch-n-release fishing and weekend camping!
You can join the garden staff with a free organized 1 ½-2 hour walking tour that begins at 10:00 am or you can simply enjoy the gardens on your own. Then join fellow club members at noon for a picnic lunch (not provided). Open 9:00 am-4:00 pm Meet at main pavilion. Will cancel if heavy rain.


From town: Likelike over to Kaneohe. Pass through first light Kahekili Hwy (the road that takes you North), Right at at NEXT light Anoi Rd., then Right. On Luluku Rd. If you come to main intersectionof Kaneohe, Kamehameha Hwy, you have gone too far. Telephone: 233-7323

Post-Ski Trip Party- Wanda's House

The February PAU HANA will be combined with the post-Big White party. It will be held on SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 22, at Wanda Sowell's house in Aiea. This is your opportunity to eat, drink and be merry with fellow club members, as well as see pictures and hear all the funny trip stories. never know what games will arise! Bring your own drink and a potluck dish. A gas grill is available. It's an indoor-outdoor venue, so dress casually. If you are here at 6:00 you can watch the sunset from Aiea! Don't forget ski pictures and bring a friend!

In case you Missed it:

Whale Watch Brunch at Makapuu-

It was apparently a beautiful day and unlike the dolphin swim the whales cooperated allowing some first rate whale viewing. Only one thing was missing. Club members. Apparently the only attendees were Dave and Amy with a late appearance by Bill Rothe. The editor has an excuse, I had to be on the mainland. I am concerned though that if we don't start getting turnout there will be no one that we can con (I mean convince) to organize outdoor activities. We need input. If people think the times are a problem or that we are scheduling the wrong things let us know but we haven't had a good turnout for an outdoor activity in a while.

Pre-Ski Party at Waikiki Yacht Club

Lots of excited skiers picked up their packets at the Waikiki Yacht Club. I'm told that food and drink was it's usual high quality but that the Yacht Club may have been a touch more crowded than usual. I'm told that maintenance staff had to be pressed into duty as waiters. Apparently didn't create too much of a problem.

Pau Hana at Tiki's

The weather was a little uncooperative at the end of the evening (A wee bit of rain) but we had a pretty good crowd and everyone seemed to have a good time. The place is nicely decorated and the location has a nice view. It is on the second floor on the ocean side of the hotel. Personally, I have always thought that being able to look out at the Pacific while sipping a drink is one of the nicer things about living in Hawaii.


Don't be the last person to get your Hawaii Ski Association T-shirt. Talk to a board member at the general meeting or look on the web-site.

Mar 6 -General Meeting Yum Yum
Mar 13- Board Meeting- Waikiki Yacht Club
Mar 14- Pau Hana/Early start on St. Pat's - Murphy's

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