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December Events

Dec. 5 (Thurs)General Meeting- Yum Yum Tree 6pm
Dec. 12(Thurs) Board Meeting- Waikiki Yacht Club 6pm
Dec. 13(Fri) Pau Hana- Sunset Grill 5:30 pm and Christmas Light Walk
Dec. 21(Sat) Christmas Party at Margaret Angell's

President's Message

Gobble, Gobble, Gobble it's that Turkey time of year. I hope we all realize how much we have to be thankful for. Personally, among my good fortunes, I'm grateful to have you wonderful ski club members as friends. There was a great turn out, but I wish more folks could have come to the club's pre-thanksgiving bash. (Next year) Thanks to Bill for offering up his house for a fun party and mahalo's to everyone who brought all that great food.I'm sure stories of the "I Never" game will circulate faster then this e-mail. If your not volunteering in the annual Salvation Army event at NBC, please come to one of the other events this month so we can wish you well for the holidays. Speaking of holidays, when you read this, there maybe only twenty shopping days left to get your president something. Well, I can still dream like a kid. Mele Kalikimaka everyone.



Last Chance to Renew at the Renewing Member Rate- Any renewals after the end of December are at the new member rate. Also for those of you going on the ski trip we must have the membership application and payment before the trip.

Ski Trip Update- Ski Trip 2003


65 days remaining until it's Powder Time! Hope everyone's excited and ready to hit the snow as our Canadian Ski Trip is just around the corner! We certainly have a full week of winter activities planned: from a Mountain Tour, to Silver Star, to Nastar, to Snow Tubing with additional options of dog sledding, snowmobiling, ice skating, or perhaps a Torch light parade with the Ski School!!

Reminders: All payments should have been received as of 11/7. Should you have any questions regarding any unpaid balance, please contact Wanda Sowell. Amy still needs your Air Canada or United Frequent Flyer number and will also need to know if you will be renting ski equipment. Big White only has one rental shop so options for demo or high performance skis are limited. However, they will certainly have enough sports packages to meet our needs. Please contact Amy or provide her with this information at the upcoming December General Meeting. Also, advance reminder! Don't forget to bring your PASSPORTS on 1/31!!!!

Obermeyer Order (ski gear)

If you want to order Obermeyer ski gear from Jackie Loui at half the current price, (But remember, NO REFUNDS.) You don't need a catalog. Go to the website and pick it out. Then send your order e-mail to Jackie. In the subject line you must put: obermeyer order. Please give her enough information to get the right item for you. Next, send her a check for half the website price. Shipping costs, pro rated, will be collected on delivery. Jackie is out of town, direct your Questions to her e-mail address.

Upcoming Events:

General Meeting-December 7 6pm- YUM YUM TREE


If you have ski wear or gear that you would like to sell/donate please bring it to the December and/or January general meeting.

Pau Hana and Christmas Lights

Sunset Grill 5:30pm- Honolulu Hale afterwards. Join us for this festive Pau Hana at 5:30 pm at Sunset Grill at Restaurant Row followed by a walking tour of the beautiful Christmas display at Honolulu Hale. This event should not be missed as there are many gorgeous displays to see both inside and out!!

Christmas Party

Saturday, December 21, 6pm on, at Margaret Angell's House.

We have finally exhausted Kathy Mulledy, so this year's Christmas Party will be in Manoa. We will have the usual potluck, grab-bag gift exchange and sing-along. Grab-bag gifts should be $10 or more. Wear your festive Christmas attire and bring your swimsuit and towel if you would like to take the hot-tub plunge. Pot-Luck Sign-up will be at the December meeting.


Note from the Board: Many thanks to Kathy Mulledy for being such a wonderful hostess over the past several years in hosting this festive event. This year, however, we are letting her rest as she will simply be one of many guests who will be enjoying the festive activities. And, thanks to Margaret & Roger Angell for agreeing to host this year's annual Christmas party at their home. -----------------------------------------------------------------

Pre-Ski Party January 24st at 5:30 pm

Pre-Ski Party: Mark your calendars for Friday, January 24st at 5:30 pm at the Waikiki Yacht Club. Ski trip packets will be distributed at that time. Cocktails/beverages will begin at 5:30 pm under the white tent located adjacent to the Yacht Club Pool. For those who wish to have dinner, you can select from the dinner menu, pupu menu or snack bar menu beginning at 6:00 pm. Prices of course will vary based on your selection.

In case you Missed it:

Pre-Thanksgiving Potluck

So far we are batting a thousand with party's at Bill's House. There was way too much food: smoked turkey, roast turkey, smoked roast beef, side dishes of all kind and numerous desserts. As mentioned in the President's message there was a game of "I Never" which involved someone standing in the middle of a circle of seated people having to say something they have never done. The people who had done it have to stand up and switch chairs but the person in the middle was also trying to grab a chair so there was a race. To use the most innocent example someone said I have never been to Rome. All of the people who had been to Rome had to stand up and switch chairs. The person who was too late to get to a chair had to come up with the next " I never" Of course, a number of the "I Never's" were much more interesting. Much surprising information. (For those who didn't attend- I keep telling you not to miss parties at Bill's house)

Waterfall Hike

I'm told that the scenery was beautiful. However the only hikers besides Bill were Honey and one of her friends. We have had very few people on hikes lately so we may have a hard time talking anyone into leading one. If anyone has any ideas on hikes- should we have them, how do we get more people let a board member know.


Thanks to Chris Harris we have a great selection of ski club shirts in a variety of colors. Talk to a board member at the general meeting or look on the web-site.


January 10 -Pau Hana -Tiki's

January 24 -Pre Ski Party-Waikiki Yacht Club

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