The Lift - October 2002

October Events
Oct 3 (Thurs)Kickoff - General Meeting- Elks Club 6:30pm
Oct 10 (Thurs) Board Meeting - Murphy's 6 pm
Oct 11 (Fri) Pau Hana- Buca Di Bepo- 5:30 pm
Oct 13 (Sun)Swim with Dolphins- Makaha- sunrise
Oct 20 (Sun) Missouri Tour 10:15 am
Oct 31-(Thur)Halloween Party- Waikiki Yacht Club~6-9 pm

President's Message

I can't believe the kick off party is already here. Where did the year go??? Well for those of you who attended some of the events these past went to a great time. I hope to see more faces in attendance in the future. Please thank the other board members who work hard to organize these activies. I hope we can continue the busy pace right up until the ski trips. Lets get fired up about skiing and snowboarding at the Elks club kick off.I know I'm ready to go today, just bring on the snow. Soon, I want you all to start thinking who will be the next president or vice president. I plan to be on the mainland more next year and don't want to leave the club adrift. Don't be afraid to volunteer this is a fun job. See ya' all soon.


Renewal Time-

For those of you who do like to wait until the absolute last minute, the absolute last minute is here. A renewal form is included in this month's newsletter. So get that renewal in the mail or bring your renewal form and check (payable to the Ski Association of Hawaii) to the kickoff meeting at the Elk's Club

Ski Trip Update- Ski Trip 2003


The snow will soon be falling so get your reservations in for our upcoming January 31st trip to Big White. We have 41 members signed up so far....should be a GREAT trip. Weather forecasters are predicting heavy snow fall for the Northwest. Let's hope it hits during our ski week!

Please note that we have confirmed our air price and itinerary (below)
Please add $ 10.00 to final payment
Payments remaining:
Full Package: Third payment of $ 320 due 10/3, final payment of $ 310 due
Ground Package: Third and final payment of $ 200 due 10/3.

Please mail in payments or bring them to our Annual Ski Association Kick Off Party held at the Elk's Club on October 3rd.

Seating preference and Frequent Flyer Number (Air Canada or United) Please email Amy. Will also distribute form at Kick Off Party 10/3.

Air itinerary: Saturday 2/1/02 Air Canada # 34
Honolulu/Vancouver 1:05 am/8:35 am (arrive HNL airport Friday night)
West Jet # 142
Vancouver/Kelowna 11:10 am/12:00 pm

Saturday 2/8/02 West Jet # 31
Kelowna/Vancouver 4:55 pm/5:45 pm
Air Canada # 33
Vancouver/Honolulu 6:25 pm/10:30 pm

Whistler Trip

For those interested in joining our Spring Fling Spring Break Ski trip to Whistler in March of 2003. If you haven't let us know already please contact Obie of PTB travel @ 486-3777. You DO NOT have to commit at this time, but Obie would like some idea of folks who are interested. This trip may not be organized strictly for the Ski Association, so we may be joining others during this ski week. Please feel free to join us for one or both of the trips! Besides, there's no such thing as TOO MANY ski trips!

Upcoming Events:

Kickoff Meeting October 3d 6pm - Elk's Club-
2933 Kalakaua next to Outrigger Canoe Club

Second floor lanai room (stairs by entrance) Free food (Heavy Pupus). Reasonable drink prices. Great atmosphere. Great view. Video of Big White. Raffle. Be there. Obie will be there to answer questions about Big White and about the Whistler trip. If you know anyone who might be interested in joining the ski club do them a favor and drag them along. Parking available at club, but register at front desk

Pau Hana at Buca Di Beppo- October 11 5:30

Location: 1030 Auahi St. Below Dave & Buster's, Next to the Ward Theaters.
Auahi Street is the street that Ward Center and Ward Warehouse are on.

We are trying to get outdoor tables. Buca di Beppo has a very friendly fun atmosphere. Should be a good time.

Makua Dolphin Swim- October 13- sunrise

The Ski Club is going to try to "Swim with the Dolphins" on Sunday (Oct. 13) at Makua Beach, along the Waianae coast. We'll start at 7:00am since the dolphins are early risers! Friends who've done it before say we need to go early since the dolphins disappear from this spot by 9 AM, but last month when we went with Mike and Sandi Dale, the dolphins made 3-4 passes thru' Makua between 8-11 AM. We can't guarantee that we'll see dolphins, but Makua Beach is a well-known place for spotting dolphins.


We'll be kayaking about 50-200 yards off Makua Beach, past Makua cave. (Yokohama's is the last sandy beach before Kaena Point, and Makua is just before Yokohama's.) There's parking along the makai side of the road. Makua Valley is on the mauka side and is distinctive because it is a "pristine" uninhabited valley used by the army for live fire training. It is completely fenced off and marked at the entrance by a guard tower, like the ones you see around Oahu prison. Although there is no lifeguard stand or bathrooms at Makua Beach, there is a beach park (Kea'au?) with those amenities just before Makua Beach.


Bring a mask and snorkel if you have one so you can get in and swim with the dolphins if we spot them. Bring a water camera, too! If you have a waterproof video camera, that would be even better! Sunscreen is a must--I wore a wet suit and life vest, which kept me warm between dolphin sightings. It gets cold when the trade winds are blowing on your wet skin! Bring rope to leash your kayak/board to your ankle so you jump in the water to see the dolphins underwater and swim with them, and not lose your kayak/board!


We have two price quotes, including one from a friend who will give us a special rate for kayak rentals. Transporting the kayaks can also be provided. We would be charged approx $100 for half-day, $150 for a full day for the driver and vehicle.

Kayak Details

Hawaiian Watersports: Owner Josh Seymour has 6 single kayaks for $20 (regular $30) and 6 doubles for $30 (regular $40). Maximum 18 as of this email, but Josh may be able to drum up more kayaks. Price includes paddle, life vest, and backrest. *If you want a dry bag, you can rent one for $1 (regular $3).

Twogood Kayaks: Owner Bob Twogood worked with the ski club earlier this year when we did the Kaneohe Bay paddle to the sandbar and Kipapa Island. His price is $16 per person for a half day, $25 for a full day. Delivery is $100 for half-day, $150 for the full day. Minimum 15. Paddle and life vest included; backrest is $3 more.

Both companies: we will average out the cost of rentals + delivery fee after everyone has reserved kayaks to give everyone the same "per person" rate regardless of whether you rent a single or double. *If you make a reservation and are unable to make it on Sunday because of a last minute change, you must still pay the cost, unless you find someone to take your place. The companies will charge us for whatever kayaks we reserve and load for transport.

If you already have a kayak, you don't have to let us know in advance if you are going with us unless you want to. You can also use a surfboard, boogie board with fins, paddleboard, sailboard, etc. Although you COULD swim out to the dolphins, I would HIGHLY recommend a kayak, paddleboard, or surfboard. When you spot them in the water, you may need to quickly paddle over to be IN or NEAR their path, in order to swim amongst them. Last month, I shared a tandem kayak with 2 others. Several times we dropped someone in the water to swim to the dolphins, but the swimmer couldn't swim fast enough to meet up with the school. It's also nice to have something to rest on while you're waiting for the dolphins to pass by.

We need to know asap how many people will be renting kayaks, so we can select a company and make the arrangements. Please let me know by no later than Wednesday, Oct 9th if you would like to rent a kayak so I can reserve the correct number of kayaks and calculate how much the per person price will be. The more people renting, the cheaper this will be. Tell your friends, neighbors, co-workers, and especially fellow nature-lovers about this event. I recommend that we potluck and bring fingerfoods and non-alcoholic drinks to share. If we're lucky, the dolphins will be around to provide an unforgettable experience! Non-swimmers welcome -- if the dolphins show up, you should be able to see them jumping and spinning from shore. The viewing is much better from the water! This should be really fun. Hope you can join us.


Since North Shore waves can begin any time now (though October is usually the earliest month), we will need to watch the forecast for wind and waves. We'll keep an eye on Pat Caldwell's Oahu Surf/Wind Recreational Forecast . If we have any doubts, we will cancel and may not reschedule until next summer.

SS Missouri Tour

Sunday October 20, 10;15 am

Come join us for the Might Mo tour. Permanently decommissioned on March 31, 1992 and serving our country for 50 years, come join us for the new "Explorer's Tour". See the below-deck areas formerly off limits to the public. Equipped with flashlights and helmets, groups will embark on a ninety-minute journey that includes a peek into the ship's engine room, visits to its brig, laundry room, post office, gun battery plot and its mechanical "super computers" (installed in 1943); and a walk down "Broadway"-the Missouri's 100 yard long third-deck passageway.

OR, Self-Guided Tour:

if you prefer a simpler tour you can still join us and experience the self-guided tour which includes five levels above the main deck and one level below.

OR, "Chief's Tour"

A one hour tour with the history of the ship, control rooms and other levels as in the self-guided tour.

Kama' aina Cost:

"Explorers Tour 90 minutes" $ 39.00 includes lunch.
Please RSVP to Amy by 10/12. Meet outside USS Bowfin (next to Arizona Memorial) at 10:15 am!! Send checks to Amy Bosich
"Self-guided Tour" $ 10.00 No reservation/advance payment required
"Chief's Tour" $ 16.00 No reservation/advance payment required, tour operates every 15 minutes and a one hour tour.

Halloween at the Waikiki Yacht Club- October 31 ~6- 9pm

October means football and Halloween. Now that you have your football tickets, let's talk ghosts and goblins, or French maids and Superheroes.

The Waikiki Yacht Club is hosting its Halloween Party, and Chris Harris will have tickets for it at our October Kickoff meeting. He'll also have further information. Estimated price is $20. So start planning your costume, and be at the meeting to get your tickets.


VOLUNTEER WORK: 10:45A.M.-1:00P.M.


This is our 13th year, "SAMO-SAMO." It's still a thursday, as Thanksgiving usually is. (There seems to have always been someone in the crowd who asks, "What day is that?"). The event at NBC is not to be confused with our pre-Thanksgiving Feast, which is generally the weekend before Thanksgiving Day. If you want to help out for a few hours on Thanksgiving Day, the Salvation Army and those in the community who are in need would greatly appreciate it. And you can still get home in time for turkey, TV, dishes, and dozing.

In a repeat performance of our many successful Turkey Tailgates in the NBC parking lot (before AND after the volunteer work), we will continue the $5 per-person donation, payable by the November7th meeting to Lee, to cover the cost of the Tailgate Tasties. One aspect that has definitely changed from recent years is that I (Lee) can no longer handle all the food items without more assistance -- and, as a reminder, those in attendance last year, agreed to do some Costco runs or whatever for 2002. Well, it's now 2002. Sooo, when you sign up, please let me know how you can help with the Tailgate Tasties. Look for more helpful hints and more details in the next newsletter.

In case you Missed it:

Murder Mystery Dinner

Unfortunately we didn't have enough people to get the discount but it was an enjoyable night for those of us who went. Michele Hebert, Dave, Amy, Bill Rothe, Lisa, Omer. The actors portraying the suspects-- Joan Clawford, Beady Davis, Grace Killy (with a Tiara) Arrow Flynn, Truman Camody, and Philip Marlowe- did a nice job of hamming it up: The facial expressions by Beady Davis were hilarious. Alas none of us guessed correctly as to the killer and the motive.

Water Park Excursion

An absolute riot. Well known daredevil and waterpark afficionado Craig Shaffer served as guide. The mysterious Pat (Michele Jenkins Coast Guard husband) made an appearance. Everyone commented that they liked him much better than the last guy than the last guy that Michele introduced to people as Pat. (Editor's note- they were joking) Also present were Dave, Amy, Bill Rothe, Omer, Wendy, and Carol Wood. For those of you who haven't been there Hawaiian Waters is a very respectable water park. The biggest adrenaline rush was probably the Shaka which is a half pipe that you do on a two person raft. Pretty intense. A number of the attendees decided after a couple of rides to do it with their eyes closed for a change of pace. My advice for those of you going on the ski trip: Give these maniacs plenty of space. The Cliffhanger is your typical very tall speed slide which would have been scarier if we hadn't gone on the Shaka first. Volcano Express allows up to four people to race against each other on mats and really brought out the competitive spirit in Dave and Craig. Personally my favorite was the "Waianae Coaster" rafts through the dark tubes but I thought all of the slides were very well done. No one got asked to leave the park although a couple of people came close. I won't mention names so I suggest quizzing one of the above mentioned attendees at the Kickoff party after they have had a couple if you want details. The day end up on a leisurely note with trip to the hot tub (very nice and bumper rafts on the lazy river (not an officially condoned water park activity)


November 7- General Meeting Yum Yum Tree
November 14 - Board Meeting- Murphy's
November 15 - Pau Hana- Kapono's
November 28- Thanksgiving Volunteering, Tailgate at Blasdell
???- Cosmic Bowling
???- Stairway to Heaven Hike

Articles are due 3rd Thursday of the month to Omer.

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