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September 2002

September   Events
Sept.   5   (Thurs)    General Meeting - Yum Yum Tree - 6:00 pm
Sept. 13   (Fri)        Pau Hana - Bedroq -  5:30 pm
Sept. 19   (Thurs)    Board Meeting - Dave & Buster's - 6 pm
Sept. 19   (Thurs)    Mystery Dinner Dave & Buster's - 6:45 pm
Sept. 21   (Sat)       Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park - 10 am to 5 pm

President's Message

The Ski Association of Hawaii needs a Vice President  NOW.  I don't want to risk the loss of momentum to the club. We're on a roll!  I haven't been able to attend the August and September meetings and we haven't had a Vice President to pick up the gavel.  Jim Kelly has been gracious to fill in but we need new recruits.   Who will step forward to help???   Don't be shy.  Please contact me via a-mail if you will consider it. Thank You.

When I'm in town, I try to come to all the events. If you haven't made it to any of these, you have  missed on some good times. Check the schedule and I'll see you at the next one. Bye for now,  Dave.

Renewal Time
As hard as it is to believe, October is right around the corner.  For those of you who don't want to wait until the absolute last minute, a renewal form is included in this month's newsletter.  I would ask you to mail it by midnight so you don't forget but we are all out of Gins knives.  You can, however, save 37 cents by bringing your renewal form and check (payable to the Ski Association of Hawaii) to the general meeting.

The Kick-Off meeting at the Elk's Club is right around the corner.  There will be more details about the festivities in next month's newsletter but it is not too early to circle October 3rd or to start encouraging potential recruits to tag along and see what we are all about.

 Ski Trip Update- Ski Trip 2003

Come and play in the white powder!!  34 members have already placed their deposits for Big White.  Don't miss out on all the fun we'll have and be forced to look at our crazy pictures and hear our repetitive stories!!  If you need a Big White Ski Package Itinerary or Sign up Form, please contact Amy.  Please sign up by 11/7/02 or there may be no room in the Inn!  Of course, we will do our best to accommodate every one at any time. Air itinerary and final cost still pending.

Next deposit due 9/5/02.  "Full package" payment of  $ 350.00 and "Ground package" payment of   $ 220.00    Reminder:  Cancellation penalties:  $ 100.00 after 9/5 and up to 10/3.   

Whistler Trip

For those interested in joining our Spring Fling Spring Break Ski trip to Whistler in March of 2003, if you haven't let us know already, please contact Obie of PTB Travel @ 486-3777.  You DO NOT have to commit at this time, but Oboe would like some idea of folks who are interested.  This trip may not be organized strictly for the Ski Association, so we may be joining others during this ski week.  Please feel free to join us for one or both of the trips!  Besides, there's no such thing as TOO MANY ski trips!

Upcoming Events:

General Meeting
- Thursday, September 5 at 6 pm at YUM YUM TREE, Ward Center.
Eat, Drink, Sign up for the upcoming Water park excursion or the Murder Mystery Dinner.
Why not both?

Pau Hana at Bedroq - Friday, September 13 at 5:30 p.m.
Location: Bedroq Bar and Grill at 2535 Coyne St. across the street from Puck's Alley and next to Bubbies Ice Cream. 

Murder Mystery Dinner
"An Act" of Murder....

When:  Thursday September 19 at 6:45 pm
Where:  Dave & Buster's Showroom

Enjoy a three-course meal that coincides with a Three-act play.  Work with your table mates to solve the murder mystery!  Showroom doors open at 6:45 pm for cocktails and the Performance begins PROMPTLY at 8:00 p.m.  Menu choice of Cajun Blackened Chicken Breast served with Barnaise Sauce OR Stuffed Salmon Crown served with Chardonnay herb cream sauce.  (Linguini Alfredo can be ordered as a non-meat option as well).  $ 34.95 plus tax and gratuity.  A 10% discount is offered if we can gather 15 or more which must be pre-paid.  PLEASE RSVP with entree selection to the Ski Association Hotline at 545-SNOW NO LATER than Thursday 9/12 so we can take advantage of our group discount. 

Water Park Excursion

When: Saturday, September 21 10-5 pm
Where: Hawaiian Waters Adventure Park H1 exit 1- Kapolei

The Park has various water park features including the following waterslides:
    "Waianae Coaster" - 4 story ride down in a double tube  that can seat up to three people.
    "Big Kahuna" double tube slide with lots of twists and turns.
    "Flying Hawaiian" quick slide that ends in mid air and drops you into a 20' deep pool.
    "Shaka" - half pipe slide for up to three people  on a tube.
    "Cliffhanger"- 7 story waterslide
    "Volcano Express"- newest attraction - 5 story four lane headfirst water slide
    For mellower moments it includes  a wave pool, a lazy river and a salt water hot tub.

Vel has found us a 15.95 rate but to get it you have to be signed up by September 12.  Sign up at the meeting, call the ski hotline or email Omer. If you don't sign up you can still come but you have to pay the regular price of 32.99.

In case you Missed it:
Pau Hana at Ocean Club

Usual suspects- Craig, Amy and Dave were there.  Relatively new member Michelle Jennings was there (arrived first in fact) Anita and Shereen also made appearances.  As advertised the first two drinks were $1 each so people who didn't drop by missed a heck of a deal.  The editor was there but had gotten a tooth pulled a few hours earlier and was a little quieter than usual.  Somehow people seemed to have a good time anyhow (go figure).


Everyone was fashionably late but there was some excellent food and people did eventually get around to playing four games of Volleyball.  We mixed up teams after two games and even though Amy was on the losing team all four games it wasn't her fault.  Really.  Tales of odd adventures from Ski trips past were told so it was worth the price of admission just for the potential blackmail material.  New member Honey was there and relatively new member Michelle Jennings along with many of the usual suspects Jim, Vel, Dave, Amy, Craig, Wendy, Shereen and a few guests.

IMAX - 3D Space Station
I had high expectations for this event but they were exceeded.  Everyone who went (Amy Dave, Craig, Hans, Michele, Honey, Elizabeth, Bill Rothe also donned 3-D glasses) couldn't believe how much the film made you feel like you were at the Space Station (minus the weightlessness, of course).  One of the best IMAX films I have seen.  Afterwards most of us had dinner at Keoni's by Keo.  The food was excellent.  Some of the die-hards went back to Kelly O'Neil's afterward.  All in all a great event.  Thanks to Amy for putting it together and for a great event idea.  The Space Station 3D is a limited run so I would encourage everyone to get down to the IMAX as soon as possible to check it out.


October 3 - Kickoff party at the Elks Club
October - Stairway to Heaven Hike
??? - Group tour of the Missouri
??? - Cosmic Bowling

Articles are due 3rd Thursday of the month to Omer.
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